Student Board & STOs

Student State Board (SSB):

Student The Student State Board is a collection of students that meet periodically to work on building leadership skills and exchange ideas with other student from around the state to help build and improve theatre at their own schools.  In addition, the SSB helps facilitate the running of the Michigan Thespian Festival by volunteering to help with duties throughout the Festival weekend.

Student State Board members must be from a school with an active Michigan ITS Troupe.  Their director must support their involvement and must actively serve on the META Adult State Board.

SSB members must have attended a previous Michigan Thespian Festival.

Schools are limited to a maximum of (5) Student State Board members.  How these students are selected and how many (between 1-5) is determined by the students’ director.

Students must attend the Michigan Thespian Festival starting THURSDAY evening to assist with setup and prepartation and assist throughout the Festival.

In November there will be a meeting to prepare for Festival. Participation at this meeting (while optional) is highly encouraged.  Students are also encouraged to attend the Summer Leadership Camp, although this in not required.

State Thespian Officers (STO)

The State Thespian Officers are made up of a small group of students (no more than 12) assembled from around the state.  STO members are expected to show strong leadership skills and make a positive impact toward the Michigan Educational Theatre Association.  They will represent the students of META and help make decisions on Festival including the themes, T-Shirts, Opening Numbers, Student Activities, Delegation of Student Responsibilities, and other major decisions.  In addition students will help on other META events and meetings throughout the year.

Eligibility & Requirements:
A maximum of one student per troupe may be selected to run for one of the STO positions.

In order to run, a student must have been a member of the Student State Board the previous year.

Student State Board members must be from a school with an active Michigan ITS Troupe.  Their director must support their involvement and must also agree to actively serve on the META Adult State Board.

Potential STO members are required to attend the Summer Leadership Camp if they want to be considered for selection.

Selected STOs are expected to attend the following dates:

August 11-13, 2017:  Leadership Camp

September 23:           TBA – Board Meeting (10AM-2PM)

October 28:                EMU-Drama Day

November 18:            TBA – Board Meeting (10AM-2PM)

December 14-16:       Thespian Festival (Thursday evening through Saturday)

March, 2018:              TBA – Jr. Festival

August, 2018:             TBA – Leadership Camp (Summer 2018)

*If a student misses more than 1 meeting, he/she may lose his/her position on STO.

Application Process
Each student must submit an application form as well as have an adult (non-parent) complete a recommendation form.   The application forms below can be clicked on to be filled out.

*State Thespian Officer Application Form (student completes)  

*State Thespian Officer Recommendation Form (Adult completes)

Elections Process:
A committee of Adult State Board Members and prior STO’s attending the Leadership Camp will screen the applications prior to the conference.  Interviews will take place at the Leadership Camp. The committee will announce final decisions at the end of Leadership Camp.