Hall of Fame

Theatre Teacher Hall of Fame

One teacher each year in inducted into the META teacher’s Hall of Fame.  The recipient is announced at the closing ceremonies of the Michigan Thespian Festival each December.
If you would like to nominate someone for this honor, please click on the text link below:

Hall of Fame recipients:

2016-Meaghan Dunham
2015-Erik Hart
2014-Delynne Miller
2013-Kendra Walls
2012-Todd Avery
2011-Mary Jane Schoen
2010-John Rutherford
2009-Elizabeth DeWulf
2008-Michelle Berg
2008-Karen Pritchard
2007-Lori Hathaway
2007-Jon Gillespie
2007-Richard Lee
2007-Michael Hamilton
2005-Phil Moss
1994-Harmon Beekman