About Us

The Michigan Educational Theatre Association (META) is an organization devoted entirely to supporting theatre education for both students and teachers throughout the great state of Michigan.  Working collaboratively, META creates theatre events to enhance theatre education for both teachers and students. META is an official chapter of The Educational Theatre Association.  The EdTA is a professional association for theatre educators, with more than 90,000 members in the United States, Canada, and abroad.

Michigan Thespians is supported by META.  Michigan Thespians is a division of The International Thespian Society (ITS).  Each school that is part of the ITS is identified by a Troupe number.  Troupe numbers give some indication of how long a school has been a part of the society. The International Thespian Society, has troupes in more than 3,900 North American schools and has inducted more than two million members since its founding in 1929.

Any school that has formed a troupe is able to participate in all Michigan Thespian Events as well as any events sponsored by the International Thespian Society.

Want a better understanding of the Educational Theatre Association?  Click on the link below for a 5-minute video that sums it all up: